The Sustainability Resource Center at Sierra Nevada College (SNC) library serves the Tahoe Basin community by providing specialized resources in the area of sustainability. A collection of books, DVDs, government publications, specialized databases and a unique web space for remote access to electronic materials are part of this Center. Topics addressed are in the area of sustainability encompassing three overlapping areas of economic, environmental, and community.  The Center is designed to benefit the community by serving as a central point of access to research and resources related to future growth and development in the Lake Tahoe Basin. As education of the issues is critical to action, the SNC Sustainability Resource Center provides the resources necessary to engage in conversations about the Tahoe of the future, the Tahoe we will leave for future generations as our legacy. A focused library of books, materials, DVDs, government publications, and specialized databases will provide the foundation for the growth and development of collaborative opportunities and a shared vision.